Various Tips for Hair Drying With Use of Blow Dryer Being an Exemption

When one is taking a shower, there is a need for one to take time to wash the hair. but, the products that one uses to wash the hair should be considered keenly. You are required to limit using the same bar for the shower to wash your hair. Since there are hair cleaning products in the market, one should make use of them. In most instances, one should make sure to look into the shampoo to be used. In conjunction with it, one should ensure that a hair conditioner is used in the cleaning. It is after all these processes that one should look forward to drying it. The most common way of drying one’s hair is using blow-drying. The reason being that it a faster way of taking off the water from the hair. But then again, one should be aware that the use of the home dryers regularly may result in the cutting of one’s hair. Thus the need to learn how to dry your hair without a blow dryer.

The first way of how to dry your hair without a blow dryer is making use of a towel. A way in which one can use a towel to dry the hair is by wrapping the towel around the head. In most instances, an individual is advised to make use of the microfiber towel turban for this purpose. But before wrapping the turban boring the hair, one should ensure to remove the excess water in the hair. The turban plays the role of squeezing the remaining water in the hair.

Plopping the hair is the second way on how to dry your hair without a blow dryer. This is a procedure suitable for individuals that have hair that is curled. In this procedure, one should use a cream. After which, one is required to wrap a t-shirt around the head. But this time around, one should wrap it like a turban but make sure that the t-shirt is twisted in order to develop curls around the ears. For the plopping procedure to be a success, one is required to stay with the t-shirt wrap for at least 20 minutes.

The last way on how to dry your hair without a blow dryer is by sitting under the sun. It is by use of the heat from the sunlight that one can learn how to dry your hair without a blow dryer. In the event that one wants to make use of this method, it is crucial that the excess moisture from the hair is removed. Also, one should make sure to blot the hair prior to getting out. While in the sunlight, one should ensure to shake the hair and fluff it at the roots. However, this kind of drying of hair is effective when the weather is windy.